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    • NOVEMBER 13, 2020
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    Your Guide to Sports Injury Recovery

    Your Guide to Sports Injury Recovery

    Prevention is always the best route when dealing with sports injuries. However, if you’re already experiencing a sports injury, this isn’t an option. Following rehabilitation measures, practicing safe self-treatment, and seeking help from a doctor and physical therapist are your best options for a quick, safe, and complete sports injury recovery. We break down the

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    • MARCH 23, 2015
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    Women’s Health Physical Therapy: 3 Insightful Reads

    Women’s Health Physical Therapy: 3 Insightful Reads

    If you’re looking for information on women’s health physical therapy, you will find our 3 most recent blog posts and reposts very insightful: Pelvic Floor Spasm: Often Misdiagnosed When Assessing Pelvic PainBenefits of Women’s Health Physical Therapy (Women’s Health) Physical Therapy as a First Line of Defense Against Pelvic Disorders PT Effect offers San Diego’s premier physical

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    • SEPTEMBER 10, 2021
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    What Causes Neck Pain and How Can You Fix It?

    What Causes Neck Pain and How Can You Fix It?

    More than 30% of American adults experience chronic neck pain every year and up to 70% of adults will at some point in their lives experience neck pain intense enough to interfere with daily activities. In this guide, we break down potential causes of neck pain and how to treat it. What Can Cause Neck

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    • MAY 24, 2021
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    What Causes Muscle Strain?

    What Causes Muscle Strain?

    Muscle strains put a damper on not just your workout regiment but also your daily life. Muscle strains are the most common form of injury in athletes. Though anyone can get them, and they can take weeks to heal. However, they aren’t just caused by sports or intense exercise. Muscle strains can result from everyday

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