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Neuron Muscular Re-Education

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Physical Therapy Effect’s Doctors of Physical Therapy are here to help reduce your pain, improve your mobility, and help you to get back to living your life normally. In order to do this, we employ a variety of physical therapy techniques, including neuron muscular re-education.

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Flexing the elbow
Flexing the elbow

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What Is Neuron Muscular Re-Education?

Neuron muscular re-education, also called neuromuscular re-education, is a physical therapy technique that seeks to retrain your body or a part of your body to re-learn a task that you used to be able to perform. This process can include manual techniques, core exercises, balance exercises, and more. These exercises are designed to help you re-learn normal patterns of movement and control.

What Are Manual Physical Therapy Techniques?

Manual physical therapy techniques are those in which the physical therapist manually moves a joint or a part of your body. They’re called manual exercises because your physical therapist performs them using their hands instead of a machine or other aide.

What Are Core Exercises?

Core exercises are those that strengthen the muscles in the core of the body. This area includes the abdomen, the back, and the pelvic area. Strengthening these muscles can help with many types of physical therapy, including neuron muscular re-education. These exercises can help to reduce pain, especially in the pelvis and back. They also work together with other exercises to strengthen your muscles while you relearn your muscle memory.

What Are Balance Exercises?

Balance exercises are exercises designed to improve your ability to balance. We rely upon our sense of balance for moving around without tripping. It plays a role in the coordination of movements and many balance exercises can help to retrain your body, especially if an injury or a trauma prevented normal movement.

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How Does Neuron Muscule Re-Education Work?

The process of neuron muscle re-education works by retraining your brain through repetition. Your body relies on muscle memory for a lot of things and after certain injuries or traumas, your brain and your neurons must relearn how to do that action as seamlessly as you once did. That muscle memory was gained in the first place through repeated actions, and the techniques used in neuron muscle re-education use the same idea to relearn that muscle memory.

The Importance of Repetition

The techniques that make up neuron muscular re-education are typically repetitive. This is because the purpose of these techniques and exercises is to retrain your muscle memory and retrain the nerves that control those movements.

Flexing the elbow
Flexing the elbow

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When Is Neuron Muscular Re-Education Necessary?

If you’ve had an injury that impacted your range of motion or if you’ve had surgery, then neuron muscular re-education may be included in your physical therapy treatment plan. Any condition or injury that causes pain, swelling, or inflammation might benefit from this type of physical therapy. Your physical therapist can determine what course of treatment is best for your particular situation and help you to learn what you need to know to continue treatment at home as well as during your appointments.

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Can Neuron Muscular Re-Education Be Self-Administered?

Many of the exercises and techniques used in neuron muscular re-education may be self-administered. It’s important to only do the exercises, stretches, and techniques that your physical therapist instructs you to do. They will know what will help you the most in making progress. Physical therapy appointments alone may not be enough to regain the muscle memory you’ve lost on schedule and so your physical therapist will most likely assign you exercises to do at home as well, to continually reinforce what you’re doing in your sessions.

Flexing the elbow

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